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Arizona CE:Arizona Disclosures (Disclosures)

Arizona Disclosures (Disclosures)

3.0 Total hours
0.0 Elective hours
3.0 Mandatory hours

Real estate transactions depend on the disclosure of information in order for buyers and sellers to make informed decisions. These disclosures are mandated by law to reveal all pertinent and relevant facts about the property, the principles, and the agents who represent them. Sellers and buyers have specific rights and responsibilities when it concerns material information about the property one owns or is about to purchase. This course will walk you through those disclosures and what is required of you, as a real estate professional, to ensure all disclosures are made according to the law.

Course highlights include:

  • Details about agency relationship disclosure and fiduciary duties owed to customers and clients
  • Commentary about seller and buyer disclosures, including details on the Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement and the Residential Resale Real Estate Purchase Contract
  • A summary of common items that must be disclosed, including environmental hazard, HOA, and defect disclosure

This course counts as 3 mandatory hours in Disclosures in Arizona.